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Let the creativity flow and create something unique to keep or gift!


You can choose any name or word 1-6 letters to decorate and frame and add in any photos, stickers or special keepsakes you would like to include.


* Name or word of choice 1-6 letters

* 20x20cm white shadow box frame

* 1 x Background displays (you can choose your own to use but 1 will be included as an option)

* 6 x 3ml vibrant paints

* 6 x 3ml pastel paints

*Decoupage kit

* Paintbrush

* PVA glue to stick the letters into your frame

Please include your choice or name/word in the comment box below. 


Please note: This is collection only. 

If you would like to have this posted please contact via email before order is placed.

Frame A Name

  • Hand poured to order and hand filed to finish with each letter measuring approx 5cm length / 2cm depth

    Once the letters have been decorated you simply cover the back of each letter in PVA glue and place them where you wish using slight pressure for 1 minute.

    Although paint is non toxic and washable it is advisable to cover clothing during activity

    Parental supervision recommended for under 3's

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