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These Personalised Pots make the perfect gift or party favour for little creatives!


There is no minimum order requirement so make great party gifts for under £10.

Each tub comes beautifully presented in eco friendly kraft tubs with initial sticker displayed on the front ready to gift.


Each pot includes plaster initial along with your choice of the below plaster figures to decorate
* Mini Butterfly and Flower
* Mini Ladybird and Bumble Bee
* 2 x Mini Dinosuars


Also includes 3 x 3ml vibrant or pastel coloured paints and paintbrush


Please mention the initials required and your figures in the comment box in the below format:
R - Dino

O -  Butt/Flower

E - Ladybird/Bee


Personalised Party Pots

  • Please list each initial with figures required 

    Hand poured in solid plaster and hamd filed to finish with each letter measuring approx 5-7cm and each figure approx 3-4cm

    Parental supervision advised to under 3's

    Although paint is non toxic and washable it is advisable to protect clothing during activity



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