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Any dinosaur loving kids will absolutely love our Adopt A Dino Craft Box!


The little ones can paint their dino's and once dry they can display and admire their masterpieces.

There is even an adoption certificate for them to name their dino once decorated.


Each Adopt A Dino Craft Bag comes beautifully packaged in jute drawstring bag (12x15cm) and wrapped in presentation box ready to gift. No wrapping paper required!


Each Adopt A Dino Pack includes:


1 x  large dinosaur figure of choice:

* T:Rex

* Stegasaurus

* Diplodocus


4 x mini figures including 1 x T-Rex, 1 x Diplodocus 1 x Stegosaurus 1 x Triceratops


3 x 3ml vibrant paints (chosen at random)

Paintbrush to decorate

Adoption certificate to complete


The colour of the print on the front of the bags change according to availability but is always bright and beautiful. If there is a specific colour you would like please mention this in the comments and I will do my best to accomodate your request.

Adopt A Dino Pack

SKU: 11
  • All hand poured to order in solid plaster and hand filed to finish with each large figure measuring approx 5-10 cm in length/width and 2 cm depth and each mini figure measuring 3-5cm

    ** Parental supervision is recommended for under 3's and protective clothing advised although paints are washable

    ** The colour of the lettering on the bags will be chosen at random unless specified but will always be colourful and beautiful

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